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OceanLED produces the highest quality, most reliable and proven marine lighting in the superyacht industry. Each product can be uniquely tailored per project to give a completely custom lighting effect for sailing yachts, superyachts, and cruise ships. Underwater, retrofit, courtesy lighting, and interior and exterior downlighting.

Competitive Analysis

Before you even look at another brand of underwater lighting, take a look at the benchmark – what makes OceanLED stand out from the crowd.

1. We pioneered and patented the first underwater LED light in 2004
  • OceanLED has the longest track record of manufacturing underwater LED lights than any other company in the world.
  • Our real-world experience is beyond that of any other underwater LED lighting company.
  • Our products have been tested and proven by the best companies in the industry.
  • Many of the technologies OceanLED pioneered remain milestones in the history of marine lighting, and are found in our products today.
2. We design and/or manufacture every part of our products
  • We custom design and/or build all of our lights and components in-house, even the LEDs themselves have our own unique Bin code.
3. Our products are purpose built with marine-grade components
  • All OceanLED products are factory sealed and robust enough to resist vibration, electrical spikes, humidity, and everything else the marine environment can deliver.
4. We use American-made LEDs by the market leader in LED technology
  • We use CREE brand LEDs made in Durham, North Carolina, USA.
  • Millions of LEDs are produced everyday, some better than others. They are sorted or "Binned" according to their light output, color, and electrical efficiency. 
  • OceanLED has its own unique "Bin" code to ensure only the highest quality grade LEDs are selected for use in our products, essential for the quality and consistency of our underwater lighting.
5. We offer a product range to suit any size vessel and budget

OceanLED has the widest range of products that cover all areas of our customers needs whether cost-based or performance based: 

  • Lights suitable for boats of all hull-types and sizes from 3-meter RIBs to the largest superyachts.
  • For 2014, our products range in price from $179 to $3199 / £95 to £1784 / €114 to €2098, and include the required cables and drivers.
  • Amphibians - surface mount non-corrosive polymer lights in 3 model sizes and brightnesses and require just a 3/8" hole for the power cable. 
  • Pro Series - Xchangeable Flush Mount bronze lights in 2 model sizes and brightnesses that can be exchanged without hauling if servicing is ever needed.
  • Pro Series - Thru-hull bronze lights in 2 model sizes and brightnesses and require just a 1" hole.
  • Superyacht Series - A wide-range of cofferdam designs and cross-platform technology allow for completely unimpeded lighting effects regardless of hull type, tank locations and internal obstructions without compromise. Bespoke per project.
  • All OceanLED underwater lights are available in 3 standard color options (Ultra White, Midnight Blue, and Sea Green). Pro Series bronze lights and the larger Amphibian Pro Xtreme models are also available in Colours color-change.
  • All hull-types
6. OceanLED is the most approved underwater lighting company in the world

OceanLED has gained approvals across more type bodies than anyone else:

  • Lloyds
  • ABS
  • RINA
  • Ignition Protection
  • CE
  • H-27
7. Our lights feature low power consumption with no start-up current
  • Start-up current can rise as high as 18 amps on some conventional lighting products, OceanLED lights draw ultra-low power, no start-up current required.
  • With conventional HID bulb lighting, once you turn off the lights you have to wait 20 minutes before you can turn them back on.
8. Our products feature reverse polarity protection
  • All OceanLED products feature reverse polarity protection. 
  • Not all LED manufacturers allow for potential installation errors.
9. With LED lighting there's no more expensive bulbs to change
  • There's no need to change those hard-to-reach bulbs costing between $150 to $200 each. 
  • OceanLED lights use only the highest quality LEDs and have a life span of more than 40,000 hours.
10. With OceanLED you can run with the lights on
  • OceanLED lights stay cool underwater as well as while on plane or underway.
  • Our products feature a continuous monitoring system built-in to prevent overheating. If the lights become overheated they will automatically reduce the LED power level to protect the LEDs, or in extreme cases, turn off the fixture completely until it cools. 
11. OceanLED was the first to offer underwater LED lights with:
  • Dimming capabilities 
  • Unlimited color-change
  • Panic-mode strobe
12. Our lights are 12/24V DC and/or 110/240V AC compatible
  • Most of our products are compatible with 12/24V DC power.
  • Pro Series models are also compatible with 110/240V AC with an optional AC Driver upgrade.
  • Pro Series color-change models are AC power only, and require a DMX Controller (sold separately).
  • Dock Light Series are available in 24V DC power only.
13. We have a worldwide dealer and distributor network
  • OceanLED has a network of loyal Dealers and Distributors across the globe.
  • OceanLED is the most popular and most widely distributed marine lighting brand in the world.

14. OceanLED offers a final commissioning service
  • Often a yard will install the lights, run the cabling, and wire the electronics. As an additional service to our Superyacht clients, an OceanLED engineer can complete the final commissioning of connectors and final testing, allowing a full factory sign-off on the installation.
15. We've made substantial investments in R&D
  • OceanLED has invested over $1 million dollars in Research & Development.

  • We have ‘first insight’ on all the latest LED advances.

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